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CSP Referral Number: 645313
Virtual Services Corporation ID: 35158
This is not an offer of employment but an business opportunity to service as an independent contractor.
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Social Sophisticated, Inc partnered with Arise Virtual Solutions in March 2011 and have contracted with a variety of companies providing inbound Sales, Technical, and Customer Support services from the comforts of home based call centers across the United States. 

As a partner you are in charge of the opportunities available to you. You pick your client, your hours, and the growth track that fits around your everyday life. 
1. Create a User Profile Online: Become An Agent
                Use Referral CSP#: 645313 - Lindiwe Price

2. Sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement 

3. Register with Social Sophisticated, Inc - Call Center
                Virtual Services Corporation ID#: 35158

4.  Select a Client Servicing Opportunity/ Certification Course
                * Choose a Certification Course Time
                * Complete Voice Assessment - Watch this Video Before Attempting
                * Complete and Pre-Assessment Requirements (Varies per client)
                        ** Client may require Technical Check and Skills Assessment **
                * Complete the Background Check (Individual Consideration)
                * Submit Payment for cost of Certification Course

5. Complete Certification Pre-Work and Attend First Day "Log-In Party"

6. Pass Certification Course and Begin Servicing your Client!!!

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